Day 13: My Mind is Twisted - UKiss, Time to Go

Words today: 1733
Words total: 12638
Chapter 07, Scene 01, 02, 03, started 04

First line: "Wei Wuxian," he heard, and struggled to open his eyes.

Last line: It was dark, made of dark wood, no lights burning, and the talismans plastered on the gate stood out against the dark wood.

Well. That's fascinating.

I'm about 4k behind as far as words go, and hopefully tomorrow I'll get the chance to do some catch up.

I'm tired

No actual writing today, but I'm almost finished outlining chapter seven, so I'll start on that tomorrow. I outlined for 2,761 words today, so I've made some progress.

only a couple more scenes and I'll be done, and then I can work on transcribing eight and nine, and then get back to work on ten. Not too much, right? Hah.

Day 10: I'm on a Hellevator - Stray Kids, Hellevator

Written today: 803

Written total: 10905
Chapter six is done!

first line: Wei Wuxian didn't fight them as they dragged him out of the inn and mounted their swords.

Last Line: He'd just started to relax, to think maybe he'd survive this, when it let him fall and he plummeted to the ground, crashing hard enough to black out.

So I've had a hard time writing lately, and a hard time trying to outline. Part of teh problem is, I just got to the part where they find Wei Ying again, and I want... Someone recommended a fic to me (I can't remember where I got it, sadly) called Lynchpin. It's the BEST time travel fix-it I've ever read, and so well written, and I just...

I wish it were canon. I really do.


Made the mistake of reading someone who's writing I adore, and felt like it wasn't going to be worth it, writing this month.

I'll get over it.

So I didn't work on my nano project today. I wrote something for [community profile] getyourwordsout, which will have to be edited because none of the prompts were in it. So, yeah. I wrote.

Have a good weekend, all.

"Sorry I wasn't watching where I was going. Did you happen to see a young man with long shaggy blondish hair?"

"I did!" Another woman, just as tiny, with long hair, the bottom half of it a bright pink, stepped out from behind the guitarist and smiled at him. She carried drumsticks. "He's just around the corner. I think he's hiding."

That startled a snort of laughter out of all of them.

Day 7: My Life Will Never be the Same - CNBlue, One of a Kind

word count today: 1599
Total word count: 10102
Chapter 06, scene 14

First line: Wei Wuxian sat like a beggar in the streets of Yiling, waiting for Jiang Cheng.

Last Line: Wen Zhuliu, lift him up."

So, I'm one third of the way through, and a day early. I might do more, but that's what I have now. Currently going through my playlists, but that's not possible when I'm trying to outline, so the music has to go off.

For my mood: see my last post.

Day 5: "Don't Give Up" - DBSK, Survivor

Today's word count: 1405
Total Word count: 6797
Chapter 6: Scene 09, 10

First Line Written today: But he had slept, and he felt better for it.

Last line: Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her turn to look at him.

I'm getting through this. I don't know how, but it appears to be working.

Also, I was wrong. Yesterday's goal was 4800. Todays was 6000. So I'm ahead. More or less. I'm behind by 40k for the year, however, but I'm going to keep working on this. I can do it. I know I can.