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First: I have a fic I would like someone to look at. It's Bang YongGuk/ Kim Minseok (Xiumin), and I think I have most of that okay. It's the part with SHINee that I'm concerned with - not being a Shawol, I have no idea if I managed those parts okay (specifically dealing with JongHyun's death). If anyone is interested, I'd love to have them look at it. I plan on posting it soon, actually (Yay, my 100th post on AO3!).

Second: um... what was second? Doing some serious work on Wolves in Eden, trying to ignore that it needs SO MUCH WORK. Still, it is going, and I am going to have it done. Note to self: you have research to do. You should do it.

Third: I have rediscovered Mirotic. The album, I mean. It's one of those things that I got and only liked around three of the songs. Last night - and some today as well - I realized just how soothing some of those songs are. "Love in the Ice" makes me want to cry, and "Mirotic" makes me want to dance, and in between I can remember the group that got me into Kpop, and WHY they got me into Kpop.

Fourth: I'm currently watching Ruroni Kenshin, Good Witch, Person of Interest, and Part Time Idol. A bizarre combination at best. I want to buy the live action of Ruroni Kenshin, because that was AMAZING. I may have to watch it again. I'm stuck on Person of Interest, on Ep 8 of season 3, and I'm not currently able to get past it. I love Good Witch, and recommend it if you like Urban Fantasy (even if it's a very... subtle UF, with nothing but Magic in it). The characters are delightful.

Fifth: at some point, I will redo my fic list so that the links come to DW instead of LJ. It may be earlier rather than later, too.
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