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Sort of weird, but I ran across this post that I did in April 2013. It's a meme about comparing Fanfiction.net and AO3, readers and reviews and hits and stuff. I thought it would be worth it to take a look at again, since things have changed DRASTICALLY since then (especially because I have more than 10 on ff.net, which I didn't last time).

So, ff.net:

1. Problem Child 141,441
2. Long Road Home 89,479
3. Shattered 38,915
4. Haunted 19,218
5. Superhero 7,134
6. Secrets 1,601
7. Midnight Conversation 1,449
8. Shared Sorrows 1,107
9. Bait 760
10. Shattered, Addendum 712

I'm not surprised much by any of this - except maybe Bait, Shared Sorrows, and Secrets. Given another year, Haunted might out-do Shattered. The rest - I think there's just too much in some of the categories, and yeah, Superhero is still one of my best things, but it's hard to write for Power Rangers (because of the seasons).

1. Problem Child 256
2. Long Road Home 140
3. Shattered 66
4. Haunted 58
5. Midnight Conversation 20
6. Bait 13
7. Superhero 13
8. Shattered, Addendum 6
9. Secrets 4
10. Shared Sorrows 4

Something of a surprise - I expected Superhero to get more favs, but then... maybe it's not so much a surprise. I don't know. The first four are no surprise, though.

And then AO3, and part of the problem is that none of them are in common. Still, it's interesting to do. Maybe I'll move some of the fics from ff.net over to AO3, just for kicks.

1. Something Very Like Love 550
2. (Unnecessary) Jealousy 500
3. Wreck and Ruin 437
4. Arashi's Tower 415
5. A Touch of Jealousy 386
6. Dance Partners 383
7. Fixing the Twins 329
8. Throwing Away Toys 307
9. Broken 304
10. Worries 255

This was a complete surprise. I didn't expect Something Very Like Love to outdo Arashi's Tower, never mind the other two! Wreck and Ruin was my one foray into Got7, and that one is a surprise as well. Considering how many Boyfriend fics I find, I'm surprise that trilogy (Jealousy, Worries, and Fixing) made it into the top ten. Dance Partners and Throwing Away Toys are not a surprise. I'm also not surprised that none of my SuJu fics made it.

1. Something Very Like Love 43
2. (Unnecessary) Jealousy 31
3. Arashi's Tower 25
4. The Dregs 19
5. Wreck and Ruin 19
6. At Four A.M 16
7. This Thing 15
8. Dance Partners, Fixing the Twins, Every Time 13
9. A Touch of Jealousy, Rewind 12
10. A New World 11

Okay, THIS surprised me. I don't think I realized (Unnecessary) Jealousy had outstripped Arashi's Tower. However, I am glad to see The Dregs and At Four A.M. on this list, as well as Rewind. I can only guess that some people, glad to see a different situation/pairing, give kudos. The funny thing is, 7 of them are not even considered romance - there are no relationships in them of the romantic kind. That includes 4, 5, and 6. This is a surprise. And maybe also a surprise that I get that many at all, because no porn. So I don't know.

I still sometimes think about putting Shattered on AO3, or Infinite Space, and then realize just how HUGE those two are. 100 pieces, 72k and 92k respectively, and the idea just makes me sigh.

For what it's worth, there you are. And there I am.

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