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Cat? What Cat?

So I've gotten into Seventeen, a group of 13 boys that are just so CUTE it's impossible to keep away from them. blue_ant challenged me to write a short story about one of them who simply does NOT like hugs. It's hilarious, in fact. So there is a a cat, and Jihoon (Woozi), and the rest of them.

Disclaimer: not mine, not true.
Notes: The random cat.

No one knew where the cat came from. They found it curled on SeungChul's pillow one morning - next to his head, not on his face - watching the rest of them. He had his paws tucked under his body, tail curled around, and nothing they did seemed to dislodge it until SeungChul woke up and moved. He was adept at avoiding them, too, dodging away from grasping hands. Just when they seemed the most determined to catch it - just before the manager showed up, because they didn't want the cat there to get them yelled at - no one could find it. Jihoon emerged from his bed, somehow missed completely in the chaos, rubbing his eyes, and went in to get ready for the day.

"It was a boy," SeungKwan insisted in the van on the way over.

"How can you tell? No one got even close enough to find out," SoonYoung protested.

"Because no girl in her right mind would want to stay in that apartment," Junghan said.

They all stared at him, and then burst into laughter, in total agreement with him.

"What'd it look like?" Jihoon asked.

Mingyu grinned at him. "Sleek and brown, and very fast," he said. "A smallish cat, I guess."

"You didn't see it?" SeungChul asked.

Jihoon shook his head. "I missed it. Slept through the excitement, I guess."

SeungChul shook his head. "Go to bed earlier, idiot," he said fondly. JiHoon just rolled his eyes.

The presence of the cat in the mornings became commonplace, sort of like JiHoon's resistance to their hugs. They never stopped trying, and eventually it became almost a game, to try to get him to relax.

SeungChul put it together one morning, watching the cat sitting in JungHan's lap and purring. He thought about it, looked around, and then frowned. "Hey. Didn't JungHan try to get Jihoon to hug him last night?" he asked Vernon.

Vernon crashed to a stop and stared at him. "What?" he asked, but immediately frowned, thinking about it. "Um. Yeah, I think he did. Managed to hold him for a while, too, which was kind of weird. Why?"

SeungChul shook his head. "Curious. Have you see Jihoonie this morning?"

Vernon shook his head. "I didn't. Are you sure he came back from the studio?"

"No, but if he didn't, someone bigger than I will get after him and he won't like that," SeungChul said, and shoved him gently to get him moving again. "JungHan, let's go."

The cat jumped off JungHan's lap, weaving between the legs of the others, disappearing into the other bedroom. Someone distracted SeungChul, and the next thing he knew, Jihoon stood at the door with the others, looking mostly awake and ready for the day. SeungChul frowned, and decided he'd figure this out. Somehow.

The next time he woke up with the cat on his pillow, he grabbed it and pulled it under the covers with him. It didn't fight, something very different from his experience with other cats, instead laying limp and warm in his hands. It looked at him with wide gold eyes, and he had to smile. "Jihoonie, this is how you're not dying from exhaustion?" he whispered.

The cat yawned.

"Funny. Okay, I won't say anything, but that means it won't stop them from trying to hug you."

The cat stretched, sliding out of his grip with an ease that surprised him, licked his nose, and walked unconcernedly away from him. Seungchul shook his head and laughed.


Oct. 29th, 2015 11:34 pm (UTC)
Okay, that's just cute. lol.

You need to write the sequel. :P
Oct. 30th, 2015 01:43 am (UTC)
You need to email me with what you want the sequel to be.

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