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My Kpop archive

A list of all my Kpop fics, for the kpop_ficmix. There are a LOT, holy cow....

YoungJae, PG-13
What happened AFTER the events in the One Shot MV.
Target in Sight
Remix of mightymischief's Knocked off Course

Block B
(Unnecessary) Jealousy
Zico/Kyung (With mention of Taewoon), G
Kyung wants to get the right gift. Zico gets jealous.
Uncertainty and Confidence
Block B's comeback after Thailand. Remix of renichifreak's Uncertainty

Block B/Coed School or Speed
The Dregs
Speed, Block B, Lee Joon (MBLAQ), PG
AU: The Starlight Corp doesn't take care of the Dregs.
Two Hours of Real Life
TaeWoon (Speed), Zico (Block B), G
A moment of sanity with the Woo family before Christmas

Lunchtime Injury
Jo Twins, G
YoungMin's out with an injury. Again.
A New Phase of Life
Jo Twins, G
The twins and their military service.
The Problem with Twins
  A Touch of Jealousy
  Fixing the Twins
DongHyun, YoungMin, KwangMin, G
What to do when the company seems to single out one twin over the other.
KwangMin, G
KwangMin's thoughts on what it means to have a sibling
Why YoungMin is Blonde
DongHyun, YoungMin, G
DongHyun wanted a way to tell the twins apart.

30 Day Crossover Challenge FINISHED! 30 parts
SM Entertainment (BoA, CSJH, DBSK, EXO, f(x), SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior)
Maggie makes in into SM. And runs into (in some cases, quite literally) a lot of beautiful people.
boyfriend_love's Boyfriend 50 fics challenge - in progress
Various characters and focuses, various ratings. Each fic on here is done. The table isn't.
1sentence: Experitmentation
Taewoon/Chanmi (Coed School), PG
50 1 sentence looks at what they went through.
dashidorawa's 100 Infinite fic challenge: Infinite Space - FINISHED!
Infinite, UKiss, Speed, Block B
The Jang clan's heir has a lot of adventures (this is all one story, made up of 100 different bits)
1sentence: Making Music Together
JungShin (C.N.Blue)/ChanMi (Coed School), G
50 1 sentence looks at their relationship.
coclaim100: Phoenix and Han
gang!verse; DBSk, Super Junior
various Characters and focuses, various ratings. Each fic on here is done. Please pay attention to who did it - some of these are not mine. Done as it's going to be
1sentence: Not Just Anyone's Infinite
SungJong (Infinite)/Minzi (2NE1), G
50 1 sentence looks at their relationship.
miracle______'s Super Junior 100 challenge DONE!
Various Characters and focuses, various rating. Each fic on here is done.
50ficlets: TVXQ DONE!
Various characters and focuses, various ratings. Each fic on here is done.

C.N. Blue
JungShin, 5 parts, PG
JungShin finds out that things are not going they way they should.
Remixed by verocity: Loner (the Like a Child remix)

All is Fair in Love and Food
YooChun, G
He should know never to make a bet with ChangMin that involved food.
Bring Me to Life (series)
   I don't know him
The accident cracked them apart, and Yoochun wants to put them back together.
End of a Dream
Yoochun, G
None of them knew Junsu had problems with his voice.
Going Under (prequel to Bring Me to Life)
Junsu, PG
The accident that broke them.
Junsu, G
Junsu needs to get away (based on an RP)
Take Away My Pain 9 parts
Junsu, PG-13
An accident breaks Junsu's ankle, and instead of going to get it fixed, he turns to medication.

DBSK/Super Junior
Bitterness and Escape
JongWoon (Super Junior), JaeJoong (DBSK), PG-13
No one really knew what happened, and it pissed JaeJoong off.
Conversation While Blindfolded
YunHo (DBSK)/Kibum (Super Junior), G
Kibum is NOT happy about this blindfold.
AU. JaeJoong (DBSK), Yesung (Super Junior), PG
Yesung just wanted to be done with this military service and go home.
Happy Birthday
ChangMin (DBSK), Kibum (Super Junior), G
They had a tradition.
I Don't Understand
Yoochun (DBSK), Geng (Super Junior), G
Yoochun finds a lost Geng in Japan.
It's an Apology
JaeJoong, Yesung (Super Junior), G
Yesung just wants to appologize to one of JaeJoong's sisters.
Magnae Bonding
ChangMin, KyuHyun (Super Junior), G
A look at how they became friends.
No Questions (Side fic to Take Away My Pain)
YunHo, Heechul (Super Junior), PG
Heechul catches YunHo at a vulnerable time.
A Time for Us
YunHo (DBSK), Heechul (Super Junior), G
Finding a place for the two of them to talk turned out to be INSANELY hard.
Twisted Date
Junsu (DBSK), DongHae (Super Junior), G
Neither of them had good luck with dates.
Visiting Paris (Sequel to Bitterness and Escape)
Au: Junsu/Yoochun (DBSK), HyukJae, JongWoon (Super Junior), PG-13
HyukJae thought he was going crazy.

Foreign Tutor
Maggie (OC),Tao, Kris, G
Maggie needs a tutor. Her uncle has an idea.

Infinite, G
The stage breaks, and Dongwoo falls.
Cat Got Your Tongue
AU exchange fic: SungKyu, SungJong, G
It takes losing his pet for SungKyu to realize how much he doesn't want to. An Exchange Fic.
In Which Dongwoo Wins Three Times (and Maybe so Does MyungSu)
DongWoo/MyungSu,(includes U-Kiss), G
Hoya wants to hedge his bets, should they win again.
Making an Adjustment
SungJong, G
He had to fix the blasted vest, and he chose the best time in the choreography to do it.
Something Very Like Love
SungGyu, G
He never knew how to answer the question "how do you get them to do that?"
Unexpected Outcomes
DongWoo, SungYeol, G
Dongwoo gets his heart broken.

SeungHo, PG
They don't call him for a vampire, usually.
Dream Wedding
SeungHo/SangHyun, G
He really had dreamed it.

Misc. Crossovers
Can U Smile
broken!SungJong (Infinite)/Suzi (miss A), G
Hoya can't figure out why SungJong looks like death walked over him.
Dance Partners
YoungJae (B.A.P)/Minji (2NE1), G
She just wanted a dance partner. And maybe more.
Junsu (DBSK), Ohno Satoshi (Arashi), G
A duet I would dearly love to hear.
First Day
JungShin (C.N. Blue)/Fei (miss A), G
JungShin's first day at a new school.
Idol Exchange Progam
No one told them this was part of pop life.
Knowing is Good (sequel to: Gaming Geeks)
KyuHyun, EunHyuk, SungMin, Nino, Jun, Sho (Arashi), G
The two figure out who they spent those hours gaming with.
Chen (EXO), Zico (Block B), G
Jiho hadn't expected that.
Midnight Theatre
Taewoon (Speed)/BoA, PG
Underground rapper meets international pop star, and sparks fly.
A New World
YoungJae (B,A.P)/Ravi (VIXX)
YoungJae knew the world had changed when a wolf ran out of his neighbor's apartment.
Punch Remix
L (Infinite)/Taweoon (Speed), PG
Remix of ParkaGirl's Punch. The alternate ending she asked for.
One Last Thunderstorm
Dara (2NE1), SangHyun (MBLAQ), G
Dara hoped she never outlived the rest of 2NE1.
Remix by a_dead_koala: Crash
Rap Festival
CL (2NE1), Namjoon (BTS), G
The festival could have picked a less hot day.
Reality, Rebooted
Hoya (Infinite)/Eli (UKiss), PG-13
AU: Hoya and Eli have dreams about an existance that no longer exists.
SooHyun (UKiss)/DongWoo (Infinite), G
They have no idea when the snow would stop.
Space Between Us
ChaeJin (MYNAME), TaeHa (SPEED), PG
For the intoaclub challenge: SeYong didn't know their history when he set them up on a blind date.
YoungSaeng (SS501), Yesung (Super Junior), G
They have to make their own stars.
Ticklish (located on Googledocs)
Xiumin, Chen (EXO), F.Cuz, G
Xiumin wants to do something about this.
The Thing About Girls
YoungJae (B.A.P)/Jinon (F.Cuz) (includes Secret) 2 parts, PG
One morning, YoungJae woke up a girl.
This Thing
JiHoon (BlockB), Shinwoo (B1A4), G
They don't have a definition, and that doesn't bother them.
Threats and Promises
DongHyun (Boyfriend)/Fei (miss A) (includes miss A, 2NE1), PG-13
Siwon took his boys. Neither of them will stand for that.
Who Needs an Ideal?
Chen (EXO)/Shinwoo (B1A4), BaekHyun/YiXing (EXO), G
Chen had to stop listening to BaekHyun. Like soon.
Win or Lose?
HyungJoon (SS501), Yesung (Super Junior), PG
If you don't succeeed, ask what the loser gets.
Yesung Gets the Girl 10 parts
Yesung (Super Junior)/Narsha (BEG)
He can't be too much fail if she likes him, right?

SungMin (Super Junior)/ChanMi (Coed School), JungShin (C.N. Blue)/ChanMi (includes characters from Coed School, After School, Infinite, Super Junior) 16 parts, PG
Heechul only had one thing he could trade for Aces to model for him, and he offered it.
"Crazy Life" - YunHo
DBSK, Super Junior, guest stars SS501, 2AM, 2PM, various others, 200 parts, PG-13
This is just a crazy life!
Innocent Dinner Conversation
Fei (miss A)/Tao(EXO); Jinon(F.Cuz)/YiXing (EXO); Kan(F.Cuz)/KyungSu (EXO),Baekhyun/Xiumin (EXO); G
AU: The dinner meant to introduce her to the crown prince, and showed her a lot of things she hadn't expected. Based on a PSL with a friend of mine.

At Four A.M.
TaeWoon, G
They only have one weekend of promotions left, and Taewoon can't sleep.
Getting the Cookies, sequel to Two Hours of Real Life
SeJoon, G
JungWoo isn't going to stand for Taewoon's crap; he wants the cookies.
Just Checking (crossover with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)
Taewoon, G
For the intoabar challenge: He's not a spy, he's a rapper.
Urban Fantasy:
   My Boyfriend is a Part Time Tiger WIP
   SeJoon/Jongkook, PG
   The blond had secrets Jongkook didn't realize even existed in his world
   Adding More to the Team (forthcoming)
   General Speed, PG
   With grey skies, they needed a covered place to sleep. If they could only survive it.
   Irritating Elves
   YooHwan, G
   An old friend comes to visit YooHwan.
   Repercussions (forthcoming)
   Taeha, Yoohwan, G
   Sometimes, humans just make NO sense to Yoohwan.
   Return of Old Friends (forthcoming)

SS501, PG
A semi-fractured pop group is missing their center.

Super Junior
Acid Trip 5 parts
Super Junior M; PG
Ryeowook gets hit in an attack by an Only 13 by accident.
Ambassador DdangKkoma
Geng/Yesung, PG
When Geng leaves, Yesung sends a turtle with him.
Constructive Forgetting
Geng/Kibum, Geng/Mi, PG
Sometimes forgetting is a good thing.
Equal and Opposite Reaction
   After Therapy
   A Lucky Break (crossover with DBSK)
   Reconnections (crossover with DBSK)
   Unexpected Discovery
   He's Baaaack!
SungMin, Siwon, HeeChul, DongHae, PG
Diva is a band that has lost their guitarist, temporarily.
In Pieces 7 parts
Yesung, PG
Yesung has a revelation, and then falls completely apart.
Observation to Life
Geng/DongHae/Kibum, PG
Geng spends his life observing, and finds something he wants a part of.
Predatory Smiles
SungMin/Yesung, PG
SungMin is acting really weird. Yesung doesn't get why.
Series: One Hour
  Phantom Roommate
  Just an Hour
  More Time 5 parts
Geng/Yesung, PG
Geng learns to take it slow.
A Short Stop
KyuHyun, Zhou Mi, G
Beating the heat with blackberries.
Throwing Away Toys
Yesung/Heechul, Heechul/Jay (TRAX), PG-13
What else do you do with toys you're done playing with?
Touch (sequel to In Pieces) 7 parts
Yesung, PG
And yet another epiphany. Yesung doesn't want any more.

Business as Usual
Eli, Hoon, PG
Some of UKiss are not exactly what they seem.
10_what_ifs - Fantasy finished! 10 parts
U-Kiss, PG
AU: Eli's life takes a turn he doesn't expect. (this is all one story)

Universes - also called Projects
Mafia!verse - Super Junior, cross with DBSK. Based off a select part of Super Junior (and a specific picture)
Questions and Answeres
Ryeowook, Siwon, PG
Siwon has questions.
Down Time?
Ryeowook, Kibum, Geng, G
A pause in their busy lives.
Separate Ways)
Geng (Super Junior)/Junsu (DBSK), PG
How they met and broke up
Geng (Super Junior)/Junsu (DBSK), PG
How they got back together.
The Enforcer's Job
Yesung , PG
What they need Yesung for.
Every Action
Yesung, Ryeowook, PG
How to keep Yesung from going too far. Hopefully.
Bad Judgement
Ryeowook, PG
it's not supposed to be so difficult to get information from someone.
DongHae, KyuHyun, Siwon, Geng, PG
They aren't going to stand for this.
Guard Duty
KyuHyun, Ryeowook, PG
KyuHyun doesn't like it when his friend lies to him.
Possessive Streak
Geng/Junsu (DBSK), PG-13
Junsu didn't show up. Geng is going after who has him.
Everything at Once
Geng/Junsnu (DBSK), PG-13
Geng wants Junsu, but Junsu really doesn't understand at all.
Geng/Junsu (DBSK), PG-13
So Geng explains.
KyuHyun, PG
KyuHyun is out to figure out why Ryeowook is lying.
Extermination Order
Yesung, PG
People out there want him dead.
Final End Death fic
Geng, Siwon/YooChun, PG
Geng plans his revenge
Angel of Death
Geng, DongHae, JunHo, PG-13
Geng gets the vengeance he swore for the events in final end.
Above That
Kibum, G
Kibum reports on someone trying to lure him away from his bosses.
Siwon, Donghae, Yoochun (DBSK), PG-13
Siwon and DongHae get caught in an ambush.
Siwon, Yoochun, PG
Siwon goes back for his gun.
Something New
Donghae, G
Donghae is really confused.
Siwon/Yoochun, PG
Siwon explains to Yoochun exactly what he does.

Mutant!verse - started with Super Junior and DBSK, added girls, and then a second Generation with Coed School, SS501, and UKiss (and various other girl groups).
1st Generation - includes: Super Junior, DBSK, 2NE1, BEG, CSJH, Kara, After School
Kibum, Junsu, G
Junsu finds out he's getting a new roommate, but not through the "normal" channels.
In Dangerous Hands
   Call to Arms
   The Chase
   Back-up Arrives
DBSK,Super Junior, PG
ChangMin, Ryeowook, and Yoochun get kidnapped, and the students go after them to get them back.
Accidents Happen
Yesung, Heechul, G
Heechul burns down the boathouse after Yesung breaks all the windows.
Heechul, G
Someone lured Heechul into a cold place, and he's not happy.
Heechul, Ryeowook, G
Ryeowook helps Heechul get his revenge.
Boarding School
DongHae, G
DongHae understands what "boarding school" really means.
DongHae, G
DongHae gets to yet another boarding school.
Yesung, ShinDong, G
Some kids like to torment Yesung.
LeeTeuk, PG
When he understands, LeeTeuk agrees.
No More Smoke
HeeChul, G
He wants to get the puppies clean.
Ryeowook, G
The shadows are his friends.
Practice Makes Perfect
LeeTeuk, ShinDong, G
A fire without smoke isn't very convincing.
Mutant Hicks
Yesung, Kangin, G
Watching the stars, mutant style.
New Addition
Henry, G
Sometimes, seeing a new ghost is not a good thing. (Sequel can be found here: Private Conversations, by dizzy_grace)
Yoochun, G
Yoochun wishes the wall would just swallow him up. And then it does.
KyuHyun/Yoochun, G
They all go out on a picnic.
ShinDong, G
Everyone likes to get roses, right?
Strangeness All Around
SungMin, G
Shindong passes on news of his threats to SungMin.
Stunned Speechless
SungMin, G
SungMin has problems relating what he saw.
Tracking ShinDong
Kangin, G
He doesn't like it when his friends vanish.
ShinDong, G
A conversation with his roommate.
YunHo, G
Puberty wasn't suposed to bring THIS sort of change!
A Good Hyung
Kangin, G
Shapeshifting sometimes came in handy.
ChangMin, Kibum, PG
Their shields failed at the same time.
KyuHyun, Yesung, G
Yesung is caught in something he can't get out of.
Burned Wings Series
   Burning (Crossover with DBSK)
   Those Left Behind
   Revenge in the Plans
   Fire and Shadow
Ryeowook/Zhou Mi, PG-13
Ryeowook gets revenge and finds the price too high.
JaeJoong, G
He didn't just see that, did he?
Learning to Fly
Junsu, Geng, G
Junsu needs to learn. Just in case.
Yunho, G
Yunho watches the stars.
Liquid Thoughts
Yoochun/KyuHyun, G
Yoochun contemplates water.
Misuse of Power
Yunho, G
He didn't expect to end up in her room.
How Not to Recruit Students
ChangMin/Kibum, G
The evening did not turn out how they'd planned.
Siwon doesn't know how to talk to a girl.
ChangMin/Kibum, Siwon/CL, KyuHyun/Yoochun, G
They just can't believe CL can hang around Siwon.
Shindong, G
A serious conversation about time travel.
Reason for Eviction
EunHyuk, G
His mother finds out what he can do.
Releasing Tension
Changmin, G
A food fight helps them forget.
By Any Other Name
Yesung, PG-13
Yesung finds himself the vehicle for someone else's revenge.
EunHyuk, G
Just a little test.
Yesung/Narsha, G
Yesung wakes up after getting back home.
Yesung, Kibum, G
He's getting back to normal. Or his normal, anyway.
A Little Help
KyuHyun, G
Shindong helps him out when the sun is too strong.
Broken Date
YunHo/JuYeon, PG
Of all the reasons to miss out on her date. After he'd FINALLY asked her.
Breaking Out
Kibum, Kangin, G
Getting out is a snap with a shape shifter.
Siwon/CL, G
EunHyuk realizes how much of a good influence CL is on Siwon.
Crash Landing
Geng, Zhou Mi, G
It's not the craziest way someone's gotten to the school.
Winter's Advent
Various, G
The first snowfall.

2nd Generation includes: Some of the above (as teachers), Coed School, UKiss, Chocolat, 2NE1, SS501, miss A
Alternative Homework
Taewoon, SungMin, G
Taewoon has issues about SungMin's lack of practice with his power.
Bad Day
YoungSaeng, Minji, G
YoungSaeng has had a BAD day.
50ficlets Coed School - in Progress
Various characters and focuses, various ratings. Each fic on here is done. The table isn't.
Kevin, G
Kevin wakes up with a nightmare.
Eli, Hoon, G
Hoon comes upon Eli practicing.
Mutual Aid
Eli, Hoon, G
Mutant!verse: Hoon needs some help.

Trangle!verse - Arashi, Super Junior, DBSK. Based (very VERY loosely) on DBSK's Triangle MV. This is a table, everything collected neatly together.
Tags: fandom: 2ne1, fandom: b.a.p., fandom: block b, fandom: boyfriend, fandom: c.n. blue, fandom: coed school, fandom: dbsk, fandom: exo, fandom: infinite, fandom: misc kpop, fandom: miss a, fandom: myname, fandom: speed, fandom: ss501, fandom: super junior, fandom: ukiss

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