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Sequel to Separate Ways. dizzy_grace wanted a sequel, fluff, and proclaimed "I want meddling business partner!" In fact, she insisted on fluff. At least twice. So.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true.

"Do I know you?"

Junsu looked up from his paperwork, brow furrowed at the man standing over him. "I don't believe we've ever met, no."

The last few months had treated him well; he'd finally gotten the job he'd always wanted, a new apartment (and roommates), and a busy life he loved - except the mornings he woke up and felt the emptiness of his bed. Those days (it had happened today, in fact), he stayed out until he'd worked himself into exhaustion. This little coffee shop saw him a lot, late at night.

"No," the man said after a moment, a familiar coldness in his eyes, and Junsu looked away. "No, we never did meet." He abruptly turned away and sat down, a long-haired thug across from him. Junsu shook his head and went back to work.

Except that the long-haired thug looked familiar where the other man had not, and Junsu glanced at him more than once, trying to place his face. The other man merely smirked at him, not minding the regard, and finally Junsu gave up, packed his papers away, and with a wave at the barrista, headed for home. One thing, at least, about rooming with Yoochun: if Yoochun brought anyone home, he wouldn't lock Junsu out.

Strangely, he had a lot of chances to figure out where he'd seen that thug; he kept showing up. Junsu didn't know if the man stalked him or what, but he started to go to the office a different way, stopped going to lunch in the same places, and found another coffee shop to sit in when he woke up lonely - and that began to happen more often. It took him two weeks to link the two together.

He'd seen that particular thug with Geng.

It hit him hard, and he stopped mid-step, frozen in the middle of the semi-busy sidewalk, on his way to the new coffee shop. "I see you figured it out," a low voice said, and he looked up in shock at the thug, who'd moved to stand next to him. "My boss wants to talk to you."

Junsu stared at him. "I… don't think that's a good idea."

"Not Geng-sshi. Siwon-sshi."

Junsu sighed. "I suppose I really don't have a choice in the matter?"

"You have a choice," the other man said, sounding amused. "I can keep following you until you give in, or you can just go and get it over with. He's patient, but even his patience runs out sometimes."

Junsu nodded. "Okay. Let's go see your boss." If nothing else, he could blame it on waking up that morning, more lonely than ever.

Siwon, it turned out, had asked him if he knew him, the first time he'd seen the thug - who he introduced as DongHae, and then dismissed with a soft murmur. "What happened?"

Junsu stared at him. "Happened?" he asked, confused.

"Between you and Geng."

Junsu blinked. "I… interrupted him, while he was entertaining someone else," he said. "I'm not much, in his world - in yours - but I won't… that wasn't okay."

Siwon stared at him. "When you interrupted," he said slowly, "did you leave something?"

Junsu shrugged. "Roses and some chocolates. Not much, not worth much, but it was all…."

"Do you realize," Siwon interrupted, a strange light in his eyes, "that he keeps a small bouquet of roses - dried - and a box of chocolates on his desk?"

Junsu stared at him, hands on the arms of the chair tightening. "I have no way of knowing that," he said, and was proud when his voice remained steady.

Siwon smiled tightly. "A reminder, he said. He won't tell me of what. So I guess, it was either you, or something you said."

"I don't like to be used," Junsu told him flatly, and something changed in Siwon's face. Junsu suddenly wanted to be somewhere else. Anywhere else.

"You told him that."


Siwon regarded him quietly for a moment. "I think, maybe, you should talk to him."

"I've said what I wanted to."

"Perhaps," Siwon said, standing up. He moved around the desk and leaned against it, looking down at Junsu. "But I think he has a few things to say."

"He might," Junsu said, standing up, "but I don't know that I care to hear them just yet."

Siwon regarded him silently, then nodded. "I hope you change your mind. DongHae will show you out."

DongHae waited outside the door, listened to instructions, and quietly lead Junsu toward the front door. "You might still see me around. Don’t worry. We're just making sure you stay safe."

Junsu nodded, too weary suddenly to question it, and walked quickly home.

He woke up so incredibly lonely he could barely stand it and lay there, curled around a pillow, a familiar ache in his chest, eyes sore as if he'd spent the whole night crying. At least he didn't have to work today, and so he lay there for a while longer, thinking over what he'd learned from Siwon.

Aside from being completely unexpected, he had to face that he hadn't moved on like he thought he had. Yoochun had teased him for weeks about it, but that had eased off when he'd gotten himself someone steady. Junsu had never been happy with people he met - at least, not in that way - and now had a larger group of friends (well, acquaintances) than he'd ever had in his life.

He'd just have to work harder. He sighed and got up to go and get ready for his day.

It took four weeks - he only spotted DongHae a couple of times, and the other man gave him a wry grin when Junsu waved casually to him - before he got curious. Of all the stupid things, why had Geng kept the roses and the chocolate box?

It took him another week to decide that yes, he did want an answer to that.

He saw DongHae the day after he made that decision, and this time, instead of waving, walked over to him. "I think I'd like to see your boss."

"Siwon-sshi is kind of…."

"Not him. The other one."

DongHae lifted an eyebrow, half amused. "He's less busy. Now?"

"If he's free."

DongHae snickered even as he pulled out his phone. "He'll be free. Come on."

They walked half a block before a limo showed up, and DongHae opened the door to let Junsu in, closing it firmly behind him. Junsu settled in the seat as the car started forward again, and then froze.

"DongHae said you wanted to talk to me."

Geng hadn't changed, much, except for the hardness in his face and around his eyes. Junsu couldn't look away. "I… was curious. Am curious."

"What about?"

"If…. I thought…." Junsu couldn't get his thoughts to form. "Siwon-sshi said you have preserved roses on your desk," he finally said. "Why?"

"A reminder," Geng said coldly, and Junsu didn't dare ask what of.

"Siwon-sshi said y-you might have something to say to me," he stammered.

Geng merely looked at him, and Junsu felt his face flush as he looked away. "I had wanted to… explain," he said curtly. "That an old boyfriend had stopped by. I didn't…." He sighed, and Junsu looked at him, trying not to let it hurt, trying not to show it when he failed. "It was a mistake," he said finally. "I should not have acted like that."

Junsu leaned forward. "But you did. And I don't understand why you wanted to keep those - I mean, it wasn't anything you're used to, nothing…." He slowed to a stop, biting his tongue on the words that wanted out. He wouldn't explain himself, not now, now ever.

Geng's eyes narrowed, and he stared at Junsu. After a moment, Junsu looked away. "I guess it doesn't matter," he murmured. "I'm sorry I took up your time." He had to pause to keep from adding 'again.' "Have your driver let me out and I won't bother…."

Geng's fingers pressed gently against his lips. "You don't bother me, Su-ah."

Junsu couldn't ask, couldn't say anything with those finger there, so he sat with his eyes downcast, hoping to hide the longing he felt. Then Geng's other hand cupped his face, thumb brushing gently across his cheekbone, and Junsu shivered, leaning into the touch.

Next thing he knew, he knelt on the floor of the limo and Geng kissed him, hard, demanding, desperate. When he let Junsu go, a few minutes later, Junsu merely stared at him, not sure what to think, afraid this would be another….

"Come back to me."

He simply stared, disbelieving, unable to move because of the arm around his waist, pinning him there, but then, to be honest, he didn't really want to move.


"I'm not…."

Fingers covered his lips again. "You are. Whatever you think you're not, you're wrong." Geng kissed him again, and Junsu gave up the fight, quit resisting, and felt the loneliness vanish as if it had never been.
Tags: fandom: dbsk, fandom: super junior, fic: reunion, project: mafia!verse

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