May 22nd, 2021



Lately, I've been fandom hopping.

Well, so it's all K-pop. However, [community profile] getyourwordsout has this Yahtzee game, and I've been playing. For the first time actually using the prompts and writing and everything! I'm on my third set, which is a complete shock.

The first set was a crossover, Ateez/Onewe. I dealt a lot with the one member of Ateez out for anxiety (but there is good news, he joined the group at least for their vacation, so there is hope). Those went pretty well.

The second set is where I started going elsewhere. I took a look at VAV (thanks, [personal profile] blue_ant) and absolutely love their stuff. No bias yet (although some of those boys have legs that go forever), so I mostly just... played around with the prompts and trying to get to know the group. Totally OOC, but they were fun. I had fun with them. Fandom, not so much. Ah, well. They weren't long and they weren't particularly good.

This time? K.A.R.D. Got an idea and it really took off, so I think that's the next one. They actually fit the... requirements of the idea. Which is new, because usually I have the characters first, and then the idea sort of grows out of this. This time, it was the idea, and they fit. So... yeah. Sadly not E'last, but maybe next time. If i get this going in time.

That's what's going on in my writing world.

In DRL? My oldest graduated on Thursday, so there's that. She's done with high school. My second one has her second vaccine, my youngest got his first on Tuesday. School is almost out. We probably still won't go out much, but hey, at least now I don't feel like things are going to explode if we do. Still not going to visit my friends who won't get vaccinated. Anyone else? A good possibility. It still feels weird to not have a mask, when I go without, so I'm going to keep wearing one. Thank goodness people are okay with it here. So far.

That's where I stand now. Stuck on The Untamed: in Space, because I want it to go like Lynchpin, and it can't. And I don't know what to do about any of it, or if I could change it, and I don't know. Maybe I'm done? I'm still doing research, which is fascinating. Way too fascinating. At some point, I'm going to have to stop with the research and get writing.

Why did I do this again?