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What I'm working on:

[community profile] getyourwordsout: my main goal is 300k for the year, and I'm currently at 88,685. I have the same goal for [profile] inkinginout, and I rather despair of actually reaching this goal.

[community profile] getyourwordsout also has the Yahtzee challenge, which ends June 25. I'm on my fourth set of prompts, and have scored 69 points. I'm actually really happy with this - it's more than I've done the last three years! Here's hoping I can get more in the next week.

My 101 goals in 1001 days list is coming along. I have finished 40, have 14 in progress, failed 7, and re-evaluated 22. I still have 18 to start on. And hey, I have actually gotten 101 goals for this list!

What is ahead of me:

July Campnanowrimo starts in July (obviously), and I have so much to catch up on and do, I plan to attend. In April I got 20842/30k, so I'm going to try to do better. I'm not even halfway through this fic and it's already almost 84k words. I think this is going to beat my longest fic written. Um.

[community profile] 100fandomhell came across my dash today, and it's easy and fun, so I might actually try it out. 100 fandoms, 500 word minimum, no prompts or anything like that. It's... a thought. We'll see what I decide to do. I actually kind of like the idea.
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