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I spent this morning on Twitter, something I really wanted to stop doing. But last night, I caught sight of a thread I wanted to visit (courtesy [personal profile] blue_ant), so I looked at it this morning.

You can find it here, in which some nobody decided that Fanfiction was bad for writers, blah blah, blah. The number of authors I recognized that came in there to tell her to shut up was amazing (not to mention, one of them dropped her AO3 name, and I'm totally going to explore that!).

Follow up? Read the Quote retweets here. I found so many people I didn't know, so many authors I now want to read, and the author of one my favorite trilogies (it was her that made me tear up, because wow, really? So many people. It was utterly amazing). I just...

Yeah, anyway, it's been a ride this morning, and I wanted to share the number of people who validate those who write fanfiction (one even said she hadn't lately only because nothing had grabbed her in the way to make her want to write, which I totally get). Because it's one of the perks of my life, and I know a lot of others on my list write and read it as well. So go forth and revel in the good feels.
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