Freak Out!

Day 21: Who (are) you, Who am I - ATEEZ, Dazzling Light

Again, for yesterday

Words Written: 3192
Total Words: 60985

First Line: Instead, he settled onto the street and put his hand on his chest, winded more than he wanted to let on.

Last Line: "I told you myself?" he asked, confused.

I have officially reached all of my outlining, and crap. I thought I'd have more words, more time. Well... here we go.

Still, I'm pretty happy with how it's gone, and so I'll spend the rest of this month outlining so I can write more. I'm on track for the 200k words.

I'm still not sure I'm going to do this. By the time I'm finished, it'll be a dead fandom. It's how I roll.

Day 18: Let's Do it Again - Block B, Nililli Mambo

Words today: 3593
Total Words: 56069

First line: Wei Ying went to get his mask as well, while they waited for those who'd been injured, putting it on before he'd returned.

Last Line: Lan Zhan put his guqin away, grabbed his sword, and joined him, looking at the wall.

So I checked. I have now written about 146k on this thing - which means I'm about on track to hit 200k - and I'm stalling again. it's huge, and I knew it would be, but this...

I don't know if it's even going to be worth it.

Day 17: I'll Be Your Poison - In2it, ULala: Poisoning

All for yesterday, which I didn't think I'd even write at all, so there's that.

Words today: 1669
Total Words: 52476

First Line: "Why three years later?" Wei Ying asked.

Last Line: Once they had the sword under control and spelled into compliance, they opened the door for the medics to come and retrieve Lan Qiren.

Day 15: So Beautiful - Victon, In the Air

Words today: 3305
Total Words: 48782

First line: Madam Mo knocked both her husband and son down, twisted the sword Xiyuan used so tightly it made a curlycue, and then reached for Jingyi.

Last Line: "Master Mo!" Sizhui exclaimed.

We saw Clifford tonight. it's a darling movie, and I really enjoyed it. It meant, too, that I got in an hour and a half of knitting. Yay me! So I'm almost back to the point where I unraveled it all, thinking I was wrong, only to find out I wasn't. Gah. Really.

Day 13: I'll Miss You Too Damn Much - Day6, Like the Sun

Words today: 3202
Words Total: 41604
I'm starting on Chapter 13. The death scene.

First line: It took Wei Wuxian a couple of moments to understand, since he actually hadn't expected the attack - or the defense, actually - and then he started to play, walking across the field to look for Jiang Yanli.

Last line: "Everything in this shabby room is here."

Wow. This is going fast. Really fast.
Kira Kira

Day 12: U Can't Hold Me Down - TVXQ, Our Game

Words Today: 3155
Total Words: 38402
Finished chapter 12, started 13. Crap...

First line: He couldn't hear anything.

Last Line: A blue wave knocked both of them down, and then Lan Zhan landed in front of him, parrying two other cultivators that had raised their swords against Wei Wuxian.

Oh, this is getting to be something I'm worried about. Like, I don't know if I've outlined this long enough... no, if I've outlined far enough so I don't have to stop and do it while I'm also doing Nano. that would really be horrible.

Day 11: You Can Never Come Back Again - Tohoshinki, Force

Words Today: 3802
Total Words: 35252

First Line: Wen Ning has the same problem, apparently, because he kept looking up, scanning the tops of the cliffs on either side of them.

Last Line: Wei Wuxian's eyes snapped open.

This is from last night. I got it all done, but then I went to the high school to see Legally Blonde, the musical. Which was everything I could have hoped.