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I'm at the library, and I have a few things I want to get done. Let's see how many I can do.
  • Get to the library
  • Return way overdue books (not mine, thankfully)
  • Work on Budget
  • Write the shoes thing into Gohn Crazy
  • Work on GTD - if possible, the long tern goals I have
  • write on the WNW Ateez challenge. I may have put myself in a bad place.
  • Write on 750words.com
And then... there is more for later. But that will also be later.

Other things I have done:
  • Hit all the talking points in therapy I meant to
  • Called people (this is a big thing. I hate calling people)
  • Made dinner
  • Got T to his meeting (dh picked him up)
  • Figured out what to make for dinner
  • Exercised without my mom (she's my companion in this, and without her I probably wouldn't go)
So, yeah. I've done a few things today. I can't complain. I WON'T complain.

And again

 So, yesterday went... okay. I had a bit of a "ack, things are going crazy!" moment, because I just couldn't sleep, and things got shoved back, there was a messed up communication about everything... and yeah. it was pretty bad.

Today's list is (hopefully) shorter.
  • Take girls to school
  • Exercise
  • Take Abby to Vet
  • Eat lunch
  • Write
  • Pick up girls from school
  • Take M to mall (for a date. AAAAHHHH! She has a boyfriend)
  • Take Taran to Clarinet lessons
  • Figure out what to make for dinner
  • Make dinner
  • Finish blanket (and watch a movie)
  • Go with M to get her ears pierced (that means she's 16. AAAAHHHH!) - Note, it was more expensive than we'd expected, so that's on hold for now.
  • Go to sleep by 10:30 - yes, even on Friday
it's cold this morning, which is an interesting turn of events. I slept well last night - at least I thought I did - and felt MUCH better this morning. I mean, I went to bed at 10:30 and went right to sleep, even after the nearly three hour nap I had yesterday morning, which shows how much I needed that nap. So, we'll see. I may reset a few things and start over on some, and somehow I need to finish this whole idea of a fic.... 

Oh, and I had an idea for a VIXX fic, that... I might actually write. If I can figure out how to make it work....

Again, a kick would be nice. Especially if you see me on Twitter. Because that means I'm not where I need to be.


I"m not really sure how to categorize the success of yesterday's list, because I didn't get it all done - but I got more done than I might have without it. So, maybe I'll try again today.

I woke up in the middle of the night shivering so hard that I got up, turned off the whole-house fan, and put a sweater on. A sweater. Me. Woke up in a sweat, of course, but at least I stopped shivering. Maybe it's time to put a heavier blanket on the bed. I don't know. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about that for a while.

Today's list (in no particular order):
  • Run the dishwasher
  • Finish folding clothes (1 1/2 loads)
  • Take girls to school
  • Take a nap (I was up WAY too late, second time in a row, and i'm not all that coherent this morning)
  • Exercise
  • Clean kitchen (Lots of things that need to be hand washed)
  • Find recipe for Chicken enchiladas
  • Check kitchen and food storage, make shopping list
  • Shop for ingredients
  • Make up pan of enchiladas
  • Write (Fix shoes issue on "Gohn Crazy)
  • wash load of clothes
  • Dry load of clothes
  • Take dd2 to piano lessons
  • Put pan in oven
  • make salad
  • Clean up last of clothes in living room 
  • Welcome Elders
  • Write more
  • Read
  • Get to bed by 10:30
  • Oh, and take that stupid, frustrating game off my computer. I'm going mad because I'm so frustrated, so it's time to get it off.

Again, as yesterday, if anyone sees me online or anything, kick me. I'm serious about this. I wasted so much time yesterday it's painful.

Also, does anyone know how to connect this to Twitter? Or something? Because I'm frustrated about a lot of things.


I have a huge list of things to do, and I will get them done.

If I don't, someone please give me a slap, either physically or electronically. Please.
  • Put load of laundry in the washing machine
  • Fold already clean clothes (1, 2, 3)
  • Put load of laundry in dryer
  • put load of laundry in the washing machine
  • Fold newly dry clothes
  • Have lunch with dh
  • Check on Laundry, change if done, add a new laundry
  • Write
  • Take Maggie to her appointment
  • Write
  • Eat dinner
  • Put Laundry into dryer
  • Put load into washing machine
  • Fold newly dried clothes
There's probably more because I think I've forgotten a couple of steps, but I'll try to add in the ones I've missed.

ETA: so my son missed the bus, which throws a bunch off. Still... I am doing something. i think.

I need beta reader for a couple of fics.

Mostly, I just need to know nothing is left out, that I have things under control. They're not in the best condition, but i want to post them, and I need someone to make sure all the promises are kept and the endings make sense.

Both are, of course, Kpop, and both are old. In fact, all of the groups involved either don't exist at all or are no longer in their original configuration (ie: how they're written). (wow. That's... Weird.)

Anyway. I'd like to post them. I have two more, longer, are just as bad (gah, it's so depressing...), but that will be for MUCH later.

Arg. And now to go back to editing and trying to outline those longer ones so they make sense. And work.


I've been pretty busy this morning, until now. I have, so far:

Emptied the trash through the house
Changed sheets (stripped bed, washed)
vacuumed the carpet in the living room
Updated the family calendar, both physical and electronic
Run the dishwasher
Cleaned the mirrors
dusted the living room

So... not as much as I thought. Still, not a bad list. I have some other things to do, still, and so that'll get added as I go.

A few things running around my head

1. School has officially started, there's a stuffed animal in the freezer again.

2. Samsung phones are the best. I have now dropped my current one into the toilet three times, and it hasn't even blinked. Seriously. They are absolutely amazing.

3. I am finally admitting that my iPod mini was stolen out of my car. Darn it. Using the old touch - which is OLD, like really old, I don't even know how old - to figure out everything I want to get into my playlists. Wow, this is taking forever....

4. Doing anything right now takes so much energy, I'm not sure what is going on. So not much is going on. Except, you know, random games and idiocy. Like... it's too much to try something new, so I'm playing old things because I don't have to think. Much.

5. Aside from all that? I seem to be doing okay.

6. I started reading "The Four Tendencies" and it's been enlightening. I'm totally going to find the quiz and make my kids each take one, so I can figure out how to make them do what I want. Or... not make, but you know. Persuade. Yeah, that.

Camp Nano

So, yesterday at @getyourwordsout, they had a challenge/offer to help get some words done. It was the 8d20 challenge, we were to choose how many dice she'd roll, and for each number she rolled, we wrote that many minutes. I went for all eight, which... well, it was good, actually. I wrote at writing group today - all but four minutes - and got SO MANY WORDS. Like, so many. I got 5, 3, 15, 4, 8, 11, 13, 18. I finished up the last four in the 18 minute one at home, and I got 3328 words.

My total for the month: 14536/20000. I've outlined 58/75 scenes. I'm down to 28.7k behind on my year goal, falling in at 77569/200k. It's utterly insane. INSANE.

I have one fic done for the @whole_new_world challenge, and have ideas for a few others that will probably get hashed out next week. I'll be... what's the word, incommunicado, for most of next week.

Oh, also, I got my hair CHOPPED, like shaved in the back and on the sides. I am just running too hot to actually have long hair, even if it's just to my collar in back. Nope. not gonna do it.


A collection of random thoughts

It has been dead around here, because I have one child. The other two are off to camp, and I hope they are having fun and not dying of heat. It's HOT here, and more humid than we're used to.

So when the AC went out in the car, I went "NOPE" and took it in. Long story short, the compression unit was damaged in an accident from before we bought the car, and it just went. So that will be replaced tomorrow, yay.

I finished my first story for @whole_new_world, and now I just have to edit it and make it make sense. I have actually had someone read it - Taran was bored while we waited to find out about the car - and he liked it. So I have to fix some things he marked, and some I marked, and it'll be good to go. Mean time, I have ideas for the next story, and ... that's going to take a while to deal with. I don't know.

In between, I'm making a rather major character change in Adorableness, because one of the people I used is actually being charged with sexual assault, so... no. Not going there. It's going to be interesting to write someone I don't know well, but @blue_ant thought he was a good choice, so I'm going with it. And I think he'll be okay at it. Yay Shownu? Even if he goes by his real name...

I'm writing some, which is a surprise. No, really, it is. I've actually passed 10k - approaching 13k - which kinda boggles my mind. I won't make the 21k I'd hoped to, but I'm so much farther than I expected, I'm stunned. Well and truly. stunned.

Um... the new Nanowrimo site is looking amazing, and it's going to take some to get used to. I'm excited. And still other news, 22 day streak on 750words. It's getting interesting. I need to go back and read some - I had some ideas for these fics. And also, I may have to do another one of these, because Oneus. Even if I don't have a bias yet. Sort of.


My writing on 750Words was interesting. The stats said that I spoke a lot on death, which I did.

I don't know. I don't know if it's helping, but I'm doing this writing thing every day (it doesn't count toward my [community profile] getyourwordsout challenge, but that's okay, too. I hope, in the long run, that it will help. I hope. So much.


I'm posting a lot today. I think it means I feel better. Or, at least, today is a better day than the last month. or so.

Meme snagged from [personal profile] sewn:

Rules: list the first lines of your last 10 published stories. See if there are any patterns yourself, or have other people say what they notice.

If told this was the worst winter in his lifetime, Kim Minseok would believe it.

Trial and Freedom
It had become oddly usual at breakfast to see JongKook in SeJoon's lap, feeding him bites, and TaeHa and YooHwan sitting shoulder to shoulder, sharing the paper.

Questions Answered
"Who was that?" TaeHa asked that night, repeating his question from just after Yunseo had gone.

Irritating Elves
The knock on the front door surprised everyone.

Taewoon leaned casually against the wall of the convenience store, the alley stretching away to his right.

Plus Two, Minus One
The close calls with Dongil had bothered Taewoon when he listened to JongKook and SeJoon explain what had happened in the pit.

My Boyfriend is a Part-Time Tiger
The club gave Shin JongKook exactly what he needed: a chance to relax after a stressful week.

Infinite Space
The Dawn was the largest of the group, a refurbished cargo ship that housed the main core of the Jang family clan.


Long Road Home
The usually serene Jedi Temple was in an uproar.

Huh. Apparently I don't start everything with speaking. How interesting.... I do seem to manage to get across the setting, the characters, or even the genre in the first sentence.
I sort of want to go back and reread all of these now, and look at the first sentences of all the rest of my fics. Weird. WEIRD.

Today's thing comes from GYWO

My current WiP. Here are the first five lines of the beginning I won't use (but were necessary so I knew what was going on in the background).

The lab - or at least, the representative of the lab - swore the people they used were homeless. They'd done extensive background checks, had worked to make sure no one would come after these lost children. It had taken some time, but with the funding and resources they had, it had taken shorter than Seokmin had expected. So, he donned again his alias, and joined them to do the write up of these experiments.

They wanted, mostly, to have sane killers.

1. How many times have you rewritten the first sentence in the story?
- Twice, as I've started it twice (the first time I realized was all exposition, and didn't mention the main characters in WAY TOO LONG).

2. How did you find the title for the story?
- I haven't yet. Maybe something like Pack Behavoir? Dunno.

3. What's your favorite aspect of the story? (Characters, setting, plot twists, style, etc.?)
-Putting the characters (it's a fanfic) in a completely different setting than they're used to.

4. What is your favorite sentence from the story?
-"You'd have had seven enraged young men who know how to kill and desperate enough to do anything to get out and get revenge for their pack member," DK said.

5. What kind of research did you do for the story?
-None, actually. So far.

Color me surprised

I wasn't all that sure about joining this challenge (see last post), but. I spent last night brainstorming possible ideas for prompts, went to writing group today, and BAM. 2300 words in about 1.5 hours. I won't use it all, because I started, got through almost 1k words and went... none of ATEEZ is in this yet.

It wasn't a waste, though, because now I know some things and even if it doesn't come out in the story explicitly, I know it and I will act on it as such.

It also reminded me of a story I think I started - B.A.P - and I wondered what happened to that.... And I think it's the beginning of DNA Virus that I decided not to use. Your guess is as good as mine as to when it went from YoungJae to DongHyun.

ANYWAY. This challenge has been good. I haven't written like that in a really long time, so I'm happy. This may mean I plan on doing these fics for July, depending on how many I get done before then (and what this comeback does to my idea store). Not long now, and I'm going to love it. I can't WAIT. My first real comeback!

Erm. Is there anything else? Oh! I got a new computer. I've been going through my music to see about bolstering my playlists. And I have lost my iPod and some of the sorting I did. Still, it's working, and I've gotten through some of the groups. It's been nice to revisit DBSK and Super Junior; I had forgotten about a lot of those songs. And I finally got ATEEZ into iTunes, so I can put them on, too.

As soon as I find my iPod. *sigh*

It's been a LONG time.

Here I am. Insane again.

[community profile] whole_new_world tables are fun. I'm going to start with this one. Claimed and everything, with ATEEZ. Guess what I'll be writing for the next while!


No. Prompt Title
001. Machines, or War Machines
002. Aliens
003. Post-Industrial Utopia, or Dystopia
004. Time Travel
005. Parallel Universe
006. Weather/Climate Change
007. Mind Control
008. Rebellion
009. Complacency
010. Genetics
011. Space Travel
012. Resources
013. Negotiations
014. Communications
015. Isolation

I plan on changing this thing so it's not quite so... bulky. As soon as I brush up on my HTML. It's been a LONG time on that, too.


I wrote this in February, for [personal profile] blue_ant's birthday.

YoungJae (Got7)/Eunhong (B.A.P, Rule 63!Zelo)
No warnings, mostly fluff. She asked for Vacation abroad, the Bahamas, established relationship.

No one argues with Eunhong when she's got a date with her boyfriend. No one.Collapse )


So, last night, we needed to change Maggie's site (Diabetic stuff), and so I put in one of the movies I'd checked out of the library. I do this occasionally (okay, more often than that), pick up a bunch of movies that look like fun. This one was "Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive."

I don't play video games - it's just never been something I wanted to do. The closest I ever came to it was when I saw Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, because that sword, and the bike, and.... (that actually took me to Livejournal, through the fanfic100 comm).

ANYWAY. So we're watching this movie, and I'm not all that invested, you know? It's okay, I don't know these people so I don't care - and then someone tosses a knife thing and goes teleporting after it. BWAH? Warping, I guess they called it. And, oh. Oh, WOW.

We both decided that it was better than the giant machine that saved Ghostrider II.

So of course I latched onto that, because it's what I do. I may never write those characters, or that story, or anything like that, but will I use that warping idea?

Darn tootin'!

Have my idea and everything. Just have to work out the magic and everything else. Because they combine magic and technology just fine. Although I might have to take a while and sit with it, because it's a little overwhelming right now....

But then, I don't have to start with a long story. I can just work on little bits at a time. And that will be just fine.


I didn't win this year. I didn't write what I wanted to - no. I didn't write totally what I had planned. I wound up writing about four different things, and all of them Ateez related. None of them, however, are in the least bit publishable. Still. I wrote 17766/20000 words. I might have written more, had I actually finished the book I needed to read for last nights book group a little earlier, and had I not caught this horrible cold. YUCK.

Today, I want to curl up in a blanket and do nothing. Well, no, I have a stack of books to read. Nap, read, and maybe write - because I did get into the habit of writing daily, which was nice - so I don't lose this momentum. I still, however, have NO ideas that might turn into something I could actually... you know, post. Anywhere.

UGH. I am so frustrated I could scream. Except it would hurt, and my throat hurts enough right now. I may call the doctor because my middle child has strep. I hope I didn't get it.


So, today was supposed to be a work day. You know, get all the laundry done, work on my crochet, etc.

Yeah, didn't happen. I did get the clean laundry folded, but the washing machine has been beeping at me for the last three hours or so, to get me to rebalance the load. And yes, I have been trying. it's so frustrating, one more frustration on top of all the others, and I don't care anymore. Or at least I wish I didn't.

It's exhausting, being me, and not being able to do anything. I'm just... tired. And I'd be angry if I had the energy. Disgust is much less taxing. Maggie's catch phrase is "I detest me, very a lot" in French. It fits, rather well.

Four hours later: Well, I feel better - food and writing and good music (my son had a piano recital) - so you can totally ignore what I said.


I have a million things I could be doing. Want to be doing, in fact. They all have to do with being on this computer (my desktop) and fixing things.

I'm finally fixing my fic list and the kpop one as well (although I'm currently just on the fic list because it's Arashi and Prince of Tennis). That means I'm going to fix the Fudomine table just so I can find the crossover! *sigh* I didn't plan that well. I could have done a much better job. Hm....

I also have my daily writing that I want to consolidate into one document, and that takes some copying and pasting as well, so I'm sort of... gah! Gah. It's so not fun, you know? It actually sucks.

So I'm stuck between the two.

I don't know what to do. I really don't. I knew this would take forever. But man, I didn't expect it to be quite this big, you know? Serves me right, for writing so much.

And on top of everything else, Maggie's site came out. She's late to school again - and I swear, I'm too suspicious. I wonder too often if she does it on purpose. She's going to end up at summer school again. I don't even know.

ETA: oh, right. The bills. Those have to be done first.


So I didn't mention the... I don't know what to call it.

Yesterday, the children didn't have school. Over 100 schools - elementary, middle, and high schools, public and private - closed because some idiot woman, 18 years old, came to Colorado. She was being watched by the FBI because she'd talked about being infatuated with Columbine, and the shooters.

Saturday is the 20 year anniversary. This woman got off the plane, bought a pump action shot gun, and was last seen heading toward the foothills. So, no one went to school yesterday. It was weird, sort of, because... well, because the people were so worried. School was closed at 12:00 midnight (yes, that's when I got the call) between Tuesday and Wednesday (she arrived on Tuesday).

They found her on Wednesday morning not too far from where I am, apparently having committed suicide.

I couldn't even be upset at this. I was thinking about that because of how I usually react when the school gets closed for weather. When they close school because of the threat of snow. I guess... it's because the weather just is. It's not out to get us, it's purpose is not to kill someone. it's there because conditions exist and if we get in the way and if someone gets hurt, well, that was bad luck. I didn't begrudge anyone that missing day. I didn't get things done as much as I would have liked, but that didn't bother me.

I don't know. It's all very weird, very strange, because I really didn't know how I felt about it yesterday. I'm glad they cancelled school, even if they didn't technically need to, but in this case, definitely better safe than sorry. It disrupted a lot of schools - but not nearly as much as another school shooting might have.

To those who prayed and sent thoughts that they'd find her, that no students would be hurt, thank you.

ETA: it wasn't 100 schools that closed yesterday, it was 1000.

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